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About Us

Our firm maintains relationships with high performance AG managers in the various asset categories, monitoring their performance on a regular basis. Only AG managers that meet our criteria are given introduction to our clients. Our main objective is to offer our clients assistance with their overall AG asset allocation and to find, introduce and monitor highly regarded professionals in their respective fields.

Our main objectives

‒ Educate clients about domestic and international AG investments – tailored specifically to our customers prerequisites and goals.

‒ Provide clients with a simple but executable Agriculture Asset Strategy.

‒ Monitor and report results of investments on a regular basis in printed reports as well as by utilizing Intranets for continuing self-service.

Meet Agrovice
Ralph P. Fäsi
Ralph is the Swiss born founder of Agrovice LLC and has lived in California for over 39 years, currently resides in Montana and Brazil.
Regina Williams
VP of Finance, USA
Regina, also Swiss born, lives in Montana and has worked closely with Ralph for 38+ years.
Peter Wammes
Gerente General, Chile
Peter was born in Chile and lives in Santiago, overseeing our Latin America operations.
Mathias Schmitter
Executive, Switzerland
Mathias lives on Lake Constance in Switzerland and represents our activities in Europe.
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